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The Level of Electronics and IT Industry has increased year by year

Electronics and IT industry is one of the characteristic industries in Chang’an town. After years of development, this industry has become to take shape and achieved the title of “China’s Electronics and IT Industry Center” awarded by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce in 2006.

There are more than 1200 electronic information enterprises in Chang’an town,

9 of Global Top 500 Enterprises have invested and set up their factories in Chang’an, more than 40 international well-known brands such as Sony, Philips, Dell produce their electronic products in Chang’an. At the same time, Chang’an private enterprises have been get rapid development. Such as Guangdong BBK electronics industry limited company has won nearly 20 awards in these years, eg: The National Well-known Trademarks,National Famous Brand. In addition its number of famous brand product in the field of IT industry ranks first place in Dongguan City.

Chang’an town also constructed Anli, Zhenan Science and Technology Industrial Park from “high standard and high starting point”, mainly in the field of computer and software industry, microelectronics and components industry, as well as communications equipment industries. Their production value amounted to more than 3 billion RMB, thus a powerful electronic hardware industry has been preliminary formed, and become leading industry group of electronic information industry in Chang’an town.

In the first half year of 2012, the total production value of electronic information industry in Chang’an is 22.02 billion RMB, account for 65% of total industrial output value in the town. In the first half of the year of industry attraction, electronic information enterprises accounted for 70%.In the future, Chang’an will continue to support electronic information industry, actively cultivate key electronic enterprises, such as Jinbao, Guangbao, Southern China Ltd., and introduce high-end enterprise to enhance the levell of electronic information industry.