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The No.1 Primary School of Chang’an achieved Awards for National Language Standardization Demonstration School

Reporter was informed that the No.1 Primary School of Chang’an was awarded the plaque of “National language Standardization Demonstration School” by Dongguan Municipal Government in best town achievement exhibition of popularizing mandarin language. This school became one of only two awarded among all demonstration schools.

Yon can see the standard words everywhere in the school cultural corridor,these words are readability, some of them are aphorisms, some of them are ancient poems. Thus the students can read and learn standardization word anytime and anywhere.

In addition, the school also use fixed signs, publicity window, blackboard and other forms of publicity to promote and create atmosphere standardization word using. Otherwise the No.1 Primary School of Chang’an also organize classic reading everyday to improve teachers language level.

In 2009, the No.1 Primary School of Chang’an has become province and city level language standardization demonstration school. This year the school was awarded “National Language Standardization Demonstration School”. In these years the teachers and students language standard consciousness is enhanced, the students' language application ability improves generally.