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21st Science &Technology Festival of The Chang’an Central Primary School began

The opening ceremony of 21st Science & Technology Festival took place at Chang’an Central Primary in the afternoon of November 9th, it will last for one month and provide a chance for students to practice and exercise.

The students and parents of third, fourth and fifth grade attended the opening ceremony.The famous science & technology education expert Lin Jian was invited to attend a seminar of “Invention and innovation”, he taught the parents how to conduct children’s innovation and invention through the examples analysis.

In this month the school will organize the students and their parents to participate all kind of science and technology events which organized by inside and outside the city. such as Chang’an Popular Science Knowledge Contest, Dongguan Primary & Secondary School Building Model Design Contest,the Pearl River Delta Robot Competition and the Sea, Land, Air Transportation Model Design competition. These events provides platform for the students to display their independent innovation and display themselves.