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Introduction to Ping Qian High-Tech Park

Chang’an Ping Qian International Industrial Park is located at No.3 industrial area, Xiaobian, Chang’an Town, Dongguan - one of the top 100 towns in China. It was established in December 2002 and its floor area is 100,000 square meters. A total of nine standard factory buildings have been built. At present, development has been completed and property rent ratio is 100%. The park implements uniform planning and management and features convenient traffic and logistics. There are dining-rooms, dormitories, stadiums, libraries, and office buildings, multi-function halls, advanced conference rooms, complete living and production supporting facilities.

The total planning of the park is 100,000 square meters, featuring a scientific and reasonable layout and a beautiful environment. A total of nine standard factory building have been built, each with three-floors tall, with about 3000 square meters per floor. The total building area inside the park is 94,711 square meters. The road inside the park is divided into trunk road and byroads. The trunk road is 9 meters in width and the byroads are 6 meters in width. The greening area of the park is 23,669.5 square meters, it is evenly distributed in the surrounding areas of all factory buildings. The greening rate reaches 35%, the building density is 42% and the volume fraction is about 1.3.

Chang’an Ping Qian Industrial Park takes full advantage of its location and the regional industrial structure background - 18,000 foreign production enterprises including 33 of Fortune 500's enterprises. It mainly introduces industries that include high precision electronics, injection, mold, machine manufacturing, precise instrument, automobile spare parts and artwork jewelry.