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Introduction to Zhen’an Industrial Park

Zhen’an Industrial Park is located at Xiagang Road Section, Zhen’an Road, Chang’an Town. The total planning area is 113 hectares. It is planned by Guangdong Changan Group and jointly developed and built by five corporations including various foreign enterprises, industries and trade, as well as Changshi enterprise. Eight hundred million Yuan have been invested in infrastructure with the total planed area is 113 hectares. The park area offers self-sufficient management. The community center enjoys complete supporting functions which provide comprehensive business and leisure facilities such as postal service, telecommunication, bank, medical facilities, dining, training, entertainment and sports. The park is an advanced and new technological project that features technologically advanced and capital intensive industries, such as electronic industrial manufacturers. The development orientation and aim of the park is to attract large enterprises with high scientific and technological content. The park is an important area for the development of the export-oriented economy in Chang’an Town and was named as “National Township Enterprise High-Tech Park Area” in 2001 by the Ministry of Agriculture. Twenty nine large domestic and overseas enterprises have been successfully established at the present, with enterprises from U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Israel, Hong Kong and Taiwan with more than 4 billion Hong Kong dollars being invested, altogether.