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Road Transportation of Chang’an

Since 1990's, with the rapid economic development, Chang’an has improved its road transportation constantly. In 1995, the length of the town’s road was over 140 kilometers. After 2002, Chang’an began to upgrade the road system, and the main roads are gradually widened and paved with asphalt, covered with green and stalled road lamps.

At presents, the total length of the road in Chang’an reaches 263.1 kilometers, with 1 national level road namely G107, 1 provincial level road namely S358, and 1 express way with one toll gate through the town. It supposed to open another highway namely Yanhai Highway at the end of this year in the town with one more toll gate, strengthening intercity connectivity with nearby cities as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong etc.

In the next 5 years, Chang’an’s transportation planning is described as One Light Rail/Two Ring Roads/Three Districts. The town plays an integral role in the development of the Guangzhou-Dongguan–Shenzhen intercity light rail (currently under construction), which will offer convenient transportation and further propel the city’s economy. Chang’an will build a “Double Ring Road - one Grid” vehicular network to relieve traffic and strengthen intercity connectivity.