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Guangdong Chang’an Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. It is a collective enterprise under the direct the control of Chang’an Town government. Since its establishment, the group has formed three pillar industries including export oriented industry, real estate industry and basic service industry. Through its development of many years, the focus of multi-function and conglomeration has been achieved. At present, the group has 8 wholly-owned head companies and more than 120 level-2 enterprises. It achieved a total industrial output value of 5.093 billion yuan in 2010 with total assets reaching 4.33 billion yuan.
The group has won several national and provincial awards by virtue of its excellent business performance, advanced management mode and favorable social reputation. It won the title of “National Township Enterprise Group” conferred by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997, “Advanced Unit in Export for Foreign Exchange of National Township Enterprise” in 1998, and won the title of “Unit with Advanced Management of National Township Enterprises” In 1999. The group was conferred with the title of “Advanced Unit in Establishing Modern Enterprise System” by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2001, conferred with the title of “Advanced Collective for Working of the National Fifth Rural Migrant Worker in Cities” by the Central Communist Youth League in 2008. From 2004 to 2010, the group obtained the title of “Winning Enterprise” in Ankang Cup contest issued by All China Federation of Trade Unions and the State Bureau of Safe Production Supervision and Administration.

In addition, it has also won the honorary title conferred by the province, city and town several times.