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Dongguan Global Asia High-tech Electronics Co.Ltd. is a solely-foreign invested enterprise by Hong Kong investors. It is located at Wusha Village, Chang’an Town, Dongguan. It was established on February 14, 2003 with a registered capital of 45 million HK dollars, a total investment of 59 million Yuan and a 12-year business license.
This company is fully invested by the internationally famous enterprise SENSE, listed in Hong Kong as a company-group. Its production base is Dongguan Group Sense Electronic. This group has obtained several “Hong Kong Award for Industry” and “Technological Achievement Award” in Hong Kong. It passed the ISO 9001 Product Quality Management System Certification early in 1995 and the ISO 14001 Environment Management Certification in 1999. Tan Jiahoa, the legal representative, has won the title of Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong twice and was selected to be Member of Parliament for IT of Hong Kong in September of this year.

This company covers more than 40,000 square meters and has more than 2,000 employees. The company sets professional R&D institute with more than 200 R&D researchers. The company allocates more than 30 million Yuan for R&D that exceeds 10% of income from their main business.
This company has strong R&D, advanced precise production technology and constantly introduces advanced precision equipments from other developed countries to research the latest technology and promote the multi-language, multi-platform and multi-function electronic consumption product with sound, color and image. The business scope of the company is: production and sale of language translator, electronic organizer, personal digital assistant, hand-held game consoles, hand-held computers, language learning machine, etc as well as applaication and software development.
The income of main business was 150 million yuan to the end of September of last year. Exported products accounts 90%, mainly sold to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Domestic sales account for 10% with sales through large department store countrywide.

The main business of the company is divided into two major classifications, namely original design products and hand-held electronic products. Hand-held electronic products are the main business as well as the series instant-dict, which is the proprietary brand of the group. Instant-dict has become the world famous brand and is the registered brand of the group company and is registered in many countries.

With further combination of Broadband Network and WIFI and other new technologies, this company believes that instant-dict hand-held electronic information products will become increasingly popular. Combining new technology in product design that maintains the unique features of product can increase the competitive advantage of the company. As for original part design business, as production cost increase, the net profit is limited. Therefore, products with low value-added and low profit are given up.
As a whole, by combining new technology, the company will remain competitive with more unique and better products; and cooperate with reliable partners to improve its own scientific and technological accomplishments and level. In the aspect of investment on technology, the company will increase it's investment for R&D at home, strengthen the R&D team of Guangdong and Shenzhen; and add resources for domestic engineering research. The company will step towards innovative design, better function, and richer learning content and advanced translation technology.