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Chang’an Social Security Bureau carries out Occupational Health Medical Examination

In the morning of November 8th, Chang’an Social Security Bureau organized a free charged activity of 2012 injury prevention & Occupational Health Medical Examination. First of all, this activity took place in Guangsheng Plastic Product Limited, and extend to all town. Thus employees can enjoy their free on-site medical services.

The examination mainly includes Internal examination, a blood test, Urine Routine Test, chest X-ray,cardiogram
examination and some suspected occupation disease review physical examination.

Principal of Guangsheng Plastic Product Limited company said, their company will

Continue to implement the rule of "prevent injury, safe production" on the basis of this examination results.

The physical examination sustain 3 days, there will be 900 employees from 2 enterprises which are prone to get occupation disease harm, obtain their insurance benefit.