Chang’an town is located at the southern tip of Dongguan, a dynamic city in central Guangdong Province, China. It covers an area of 83.4 square kilometers, with a total population of 390,000 living in 13 residential communities. Chang’an features a subtropical monsoon climate, with average temperature of 22.2 degrees Celsius and annual rainfalls of 1540 mm.

The name Chang’an, which is the same name as the capital city during Tang Dynasty (B.C. 618-907), means “A country of prosperity and peaceful people who live in harmony, where the good weather provides good harvest and healthy life”. Chang’an cherishes its name, given its hard survival conditions and deprived life of its ancestors; locals of all ages possess a deep longing for the timely arrival of a harmonious society and a livable community.

As circumstances change with the passage of time, Chang’an people’s ideal life has become a reality. Nowadays, Chang’an enjoys a fast-developing economy that ranks it 3rd amongst the 1000 Most Developed Towns in China and 2nd amongst the Towns with Greater Economic Strength at provincial level. Chang’an is certainly a vibrant city, excellent for both living and commerce.